Kim’s interactive and experiential workshops for you and your team (held in your office or other venue of your choice) are packed full of valuable and practical information and tips so that you can implement your learnings the moment you leave the room.

Know Yourself

An introduction to powerful self awareness

Awareness of your unique unconscious drivers is vital if you wish to create lasting change in your experience of life

Revolutionising Communication and Conflict Resolution

An introduction to a powerful and effective win-win way of relating and communicating in life and work

A true understanding of the way in which we relate and communicate with others on all levels (conscious and unconscious) is the single most important determinant of how easily we create our desired outcomes


How to Effectively Resolve Tension

A practical introduction to powerfully taking charge of your own health and wellbeing

This workshop is about so much more than coping strategies. It will revolutionise the way you deal with stress and the pressures of the modern world at work and home

I also deliver BESPOKE WORKSHOPS on other topics to suit your individual requirements – just ask!

WORKSHOPS for up to 12 people

Half-day: from £840

Whole day: from £1440

I began the day feeling I didn’t have time to do the workshop and ended the day knowing I had done the right thing. Kim understood the pressures of the legal profession with no explanation allowing the maximum time and benefit to be spent on the workshop and my needs.


Before coming on Kim’s workshop I had made a lot of progress, but I was still full of fear about next steps. During the workshop I felt I was in a safe space with a trusted guide who had a lot of wisdom to share with me. Kim led us compassionately towards insight and fulfilment. I have no doubt that attending this workshop will contribute to my confidence. It has also opened up some important avenues and provided some pointers as to how to go forward.

This workshop is a very worthwhile investment. I would absolutely recommend Kim to others.


It has been very useful to have taken time out and given attention to the things we discussed, as I would probably otherwise have kept those things on a back burner and nothing would have changed.


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