Success Stories

Success Stories

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Here are some snippets of what just some of my clients have said after working with me.

Talking to you this morning has switched on a light inside me that’s been off for a while now.

For a long time I haven’t felt this calm, thank you for reminding me, it means so much. Your light shines very brightly Kim and it has a way of touching that’s beyond understanding I feel.

Alison Ford

former NHS Development Coordinator

Kim has a unique approach which helped me to gain insight into an issue during one short session and provided the basis for going forward. I can recommend Kim’s work to anyone who is feeling ‘stuck’ whether in career or personal life and needs a boost to get things moving again!

Claire Parry

Writer and translator

Working with Kim is worth every penny plus more. I was frustrated because my work as a solicitor was, for me, unfulfilling, lacking stimulation and not purposeful and this was starting to affect all parts of my life.

I have now changed my role, which has led to an increase in my salary. And I have moved from a place of uncertainty to having made significant decisions about my future career.

I would highly recommend Kim not just to lawyers, but to any professional who feels what I describe as an ‘emptiness’ which is causing a level of unhappiness.

Sanjeev Punj

Director, Birmingham

I was at a low ebb career wise – feeling pulled back in the direction of my 20 year legal career simply for no other reason than ‘that is what I did and had been trained to do’, and because it paid well of course.

Kim has been instrumental in helping me gain greater clarity around my options.

I have made a significant breakthrough and now run a thriving and expanding business which utilises both my legal skills and a whole lot more.  It brings everything I love together in a job!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anyone who is at a career crossroads or to anyone wanting to explore their potential and life values.


Lawyer and Music Promoter, Switzerland

I was feeling utterly frustrated with my current work situation because of issues relating to my working environment and my boss! As a result of this I wanted to leave but I felt sick at the thought of even applying for similar jobs outside of the organisation, because I felt sick of my industry!

As Kim worked with me I found that I do not actually hate my current profession after all and that I am grateful for the further opportunities it has given me.

Very soon afterwards, I was offered an additional new part time role in my organisation, so I am now dividing my time between two teams.

I am so excited about this!

Coaching with Kim is invaluable, it really helped me to break through and open myself up more.

I would definitely recommend Kim to other professionals who are fed up at work.

Zahra Shah

Communications professional, London

I was feeling frustrated, anxious and tense in the process of making a career change, which was a big thing for me.

I met Kim after making a few unsuccessful applications.  My morale was at a low ebb and I felt tied up in knots.

The more Kim and I worked together the more I realised that the knots I had tied had started to unwind effortlessly.  I liked Kim’s calm gentle manner.  I had the space to be open without judgement in a safe and productive environment.

I have gained clarity and a new perspective from receiving coaching with Kim.

My experience of coaching with Kim has been invaluable.  I have already recommended Kim to others.


Ms S Jones


For the last 4 years I have been feeling daily as if I am ‘going against the tide’ because I wasn’t enjoying work.

I really look forward to our sessions as it gives me a platform to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs that I have been experiencing while starting out on my new direction.

As Kim works with me, I feel a support system behind me, and I am more confident and secure about ‘this moment’.

I have even got a job offer but I realised it was not right for me and I had the confidence to happily turn it down even in this economic climate.

Coaching with Kim is well worth the money and I would certainly recommend Kim to others who are going through a career transition!

Kayla Conley

former Finance officer, Chelmsford, Essex

In working with Kim over the last few months, I have made significant developments towards achieving my goals.

Being coached has helped to bring my priorities into sharper focus, to provide me with a route map by which I can achieve these, and has enabled me to find effective solutions much more quickly than I could have done by myself.

It’s been really useful to have someone else hold me to account, both in the sessions and between them so that I deliver on the actions I’ve committed to.

Simon Shaw

Occupational Psychologist

I had the greatest coaching session with Kim, an intuitive coach. Any of you need guidance in your life, please reach out to her. I felt like I was at rock bottom. She saved my life and made me connect with my heart and passion again, in just one session. She showed me my shadow and what I’m great at. I experienced the change and power and I know it can benefit others. It may be a coincidence, but in the week after our session, I suddenly became very busy with some new business, which was a good thing!

Cobus Visser

Owner Director

I was feeling in a state of some turmoil, because I had too many ideas whirring round in my head.

As a result, I was lacking cohesiveness and I was looking to pull it all together and make sense of everything.  Kim helped me put things into perspective and focus on what I needed to do.

As Kim worked with me, I gained greater clarity in my own mind as to both my thoughts and my objectives for my present and future direction.

The coaching itself was a launching pad for further work done by me in between sessions.

It has been very useful to have taken time out and given attention to the things we discussed, as I would probably otherwise have kept those things on a back burner and nothing would have changed.


Sole practitioner, Essex

I have attended a number of Kim’s events and as a lawyer Kim has a firm grasp of the pressures which are involved in legal practice. This insight allowed her to help me to deal with the demands being placed on me at work and at home. The impact of the work I have done with her and the tools she shared with me have had far reaching impacts and are something I use on a daily basis

Joy Savill


I was feeling quite stressed and insecure at work and aware of the need to perform better but unclear how to go about raising my game. The firm was making redundancies and I was often receiving criticism on file audit and review.

After receiving coaching from Kim I am working more productively and obtaining consistently good feedback on file audit and review. I have escaped from a vicious circle of burning the candle at both ends in order to comply with time limits, working sluggishly due to exhaustion, having to work even longer hours, and so on.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Kim to others, especially those who have difficult work issues to address.

I was most impressed by her commitment to helping me achieve my objectives, not seeking to impose on me her own ideas of what I might try to achieve


Senior Solicitor

Kim worked with me over a three month period as a coach in holistic personal development. She supported me with integrity and rigorous but compassionate guidance. She was, in a large part, responsible for a personal breakthrough in an issue that had been unresolved for over 16 years. She has made a huge contribution to my life.

Barbara Grantham

Company Secretary

Kim’s ability at intuition is beyond cognitive understanding. Incredible. Mind blowing. She intuitively defined with deep resonance and accuracy both “my identity” and “my greatness”. Her skill doesn’t only lie in her intuition, but also in her delivery and insight and how she displayed an amazing degree of non-judgement & empathy in our reflection afterwards. The meaning and impact I found just in our very first session has been overwhelming. Thank you Kim. Really.

Chris Koller

Vice President Strategy

I spent a life changing weekend with Kim on her Creatively Inspired Living retreat and have come away feeling equipped to step into the life I want. Thank you Kim for a deeply involving, intuitive and truly growth promoting weekend!

Jane Iskander

Occupational Therapist

I had the pleasure of working with Kim on becoming aware of how I get in my own way. Kim gently and patiently kept me focused on the information she needed to decipher this. I never felt threatened, pushed, cajoled, ridiculed or rushed. The results were astounding. She identified my unique process with a number of tiny steps that when she explained it to me, I easily recognised my way of doing things. Armed with this new awareness, I look forward to observing it in myself and to use it to get out of my own way. Many teachers, coaches and mentors will tell you to get out of your own way, but how do you actually do that? That’s where Kim comes in. I highly recommend her to help you decipher your own process and further guide you along so you can get the results you want.

Riana Avis

Business Consultant

I have really enjoyed coaching with Kim over the last year and it is one of the smartest decisions I have made. Kim helps me to powerfully and intuitively direct my focus so that I’m constantly making inspired choices that take me where I want to be. One of the areas I am focussed on at the moment is my career, especially around moving up in the organisation, and Kim provides excellent support on how to go for that whilst still being ‘me’ and maintaining balance with my other priorities. I highly recommend working with Kim, she lovingly challenges me to unpack the mindset habits that don’t serve me, and is very understanding, approachable, and committed to helping me.

Maysoun Wahbeh

Associate Director

I was lucky enough to work with Kim on accessing and building confidence in a vision of what I am actively creating – a community – and it was a highly liberating and enlightening experience. Very rarely when you meditate with someone – especially over Skype – do they relate back to you exactly what you were seeing/feeling in your own meditation and it was deeply empowering. I would 100% recommend working with Kim, she has a true talent in allowing you to tap into what you long to create and what you need to release to move forward.

Alana Hurd

Campaigner and CEO

I had an amazing session with Kim. As a Communication specialist i feel it is important to acknowledge my truth when working with others. Sometimes whilst working with clients our stuff comes up, so a session with Kim was just perfect for me. Kim is very skilled in her work and most importantly she is calm and relaxed, this is so important because it helps you to feel at ease and relaxed also. I would definitely recommend Kim as an intuitive coach.

Tanya Obeng

Communication Consultant

I recently worked with Kim to assist me through a difficult time in my life in regard to my health and wellbeing. As well as Kim’s awesome coaching and mentoring skills she taught me the benefits of conscious breathing as a means to heightened self awareness, increased wellbeing and pain management. I have a brilliant outcome and life long benefits that I can apply in my life. I highly recommend Kim and her masterful work of transformation.

Ian McIntyre

Director of Operations

Kim is a great, effective coach: I fully recommend her and her services if you want to unleash your potential and reach goals you love (and you don’t believe are possible!) I’ve been working with Kim for about a year now, and she proved to be skilled and determined in my growth. There have been times in which I was on the edge to give up all my goals, and other times in which I was too distressed or upset or even excited to see clearly what was going on in my life: Kim has always been there to support me in getting clear and refocus on what really matters to me. Her coaching has helped me to make significant changes in all areas of my life: from my career (I now finally do a job I love) to my family, passing from my passions and hobbies. I discovered talents I didn’t know I have, and nurtured and brought to life that creative side of myself I thought I would never be able to express, because lack of skills. Now I can finally paint and write without constantly feeling a failure. I especially enjoy working with her because she never forces any decision or action for me to take, instead she allows my intuition, creativity and will to find out what’s best for me, so any action feels truly natural

Emanuele Fortunati

IT Specialist, Artist and Entrepreneur

I had previously been attracted by Kim’s invitation for a private retreat, but had resisted because of my own resistance to giving myself time to just be with myself. There is always “something else or someone else more important / more urgent”… So, when I finally accepted, I was relieved and delighted to find that Kim was a joy to connect with. She has a very warm and calming energy about her. She lovingly created a safe and beautiful space, surrounded by nature, away from the busy-ness of the city and my normal hectic life, where I could be completely me. I got exactly what I needed and can’t thank Kim enough! Since then I can’t say that I have become a totally different person because returning to normality does distract me – having a small child I often feel selfish taking time for myself. However the thing I learned the most at having that space was that even just a weekend on my own enabled me to refill my cup, so that I was able to give to my family more freely again. Helping ourselves gives us more to help others. I highly recommend Kim and her retreats.

Theresa Owen Mathias

Operational & Project Manager

Kim provided coaching to me over a number of months. I say coaching, but really it was more like guidance and facilitation for me to take responsibility and control of my life. I was going through a particularly turbulent and uncertain time in my life and I leaned on Kim, expecting her to take my troubles away. She was a calm, measured and inspired presence that reflected back to me how I was acting and behaving in my life. Often, I wasn’t very happy with what I saw in myself and I often tested her limits (consciously and unconsciously) to see what she would do for me. And still, she remained an honest and non-judgmental guide and reflection for me and my journey. In that guidance and my time working with Kim, I grew up a LOT and learned to see myself as a self-responsible human being capable and eager to forge a life of my choosing and creation. I highly recommend Kim as an intuitive coach and facilitator of personal growth, success and transformation.

Taylor Roark

Principal Consultant, Due Diligence & Strategy

I’ve known Kim for a few years now and I’ve heard through mutual contacts about the transformative impact her work has had on others so I was curious to work with her and have their experience for myself. I had a successful corporate career, leaving that to create and launch a national franchise in 2005 but recently I have felt stuck and a little nervous about some massive goals that I have set for myself. I knew that to achieve the goals, I needed to be even more visible and market myself as much as the business and that made me very self conscious. Kim’s mastery is her intuitive ability, she listens and lasers in on the root cause. This rare mix of intuition, great listening skills and a deep insight into what blocks I was experiencing was one of the key reasons that I loved working with Kim today. The new insights that I have are priceless and will be pivotal to the achievement of my massive goals, the growth of my business and ensure that I have even more freedom and flexibility. If you are an executive woman at a crossroads in your career then I highly recommend that you schedule a session with Kim to get the clarity and insights you deserve before making any decisions.

Jacqueline Rogers

Founder, Athena Network

Wow… I am not sure that words would fully do justice to explain just what an extraordinary experience the Creatively Inspired Living Retreat is, but I will do my best! It was a real privilege to attend this retreat and to be part of a supportive, open and safe environment in which all attendees could just be fully themselves, without any masks. I knew that I had some perspectives about myself that were not helping me create the things that truly matter to me, but uncovering them at such a profound level went far beyond my expectations. I left the retreat with a deep understanding of not only how I was preventing myself from creating the relationship I wanted, but also how to change my focus so that I can create that relationship regardless of how I feel about it. Priceless! I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone who knows that they have more of themselves to offer in life, more potential to realise, but just don’t know how to do that and feel a little stuck on how to move forward.

Angela Mills

Solicitor and Entrepreneur


I wholeheartedly embrace the idea of intuition, and the essence of us being able to use it to guide and show us our next steps. Spending time with Kim on a 1 on 1 intuitive coaching session was like nothing else I’d done before. She immediately put me at ease and gently guided me through the process of meeting myself in a wonderful new way. It was truly remarkable to rediscover such deep truths about myself and allow a fresh perspective to emerge. I have a newfound clarity and understanding of where I am, where I want to go and how I’m going to get there. Long after our session was over, I can still feel the rippling effects and sense a profound awakening. Thank you Kim…. you are amazing…. it was wonderful, especially when we both came up with the exact intuitive expressions. And I certainly recommend your services to anyone who needs direction and clarity, and wants to feel refreshed and energised. I loved our time together so much!!

Leigh Shenton

Artist and Creative Founder

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