Does this describe you…..?

You are at a threshold. You’re motivated and you still have a lot to offer.  You have decisions to make. You know there must be ‘more’, but you feel stuck.

But time and energy seem in short supply. You’re tired. The demands placed on you by others can feel overwhelming. You’ve had some successes, and life is busy but something is missing. Niggling conflicts occur with people who matter. You’ve compromised, made sacrifices, and lost yourself along the way.

You realise that, deep down, you want change.  Nothing you’ve tried has brought you what your heart truly longs for. You want to evolve and create a better experience of life.

And yet you find yourself repeatedly facing experiences that are at odds with what you would choose.

You are not alone!

This is the root of the human condition… we each have a unique unseen agenda (designed to keep us safe) that plays out unconsciously and actually thwarts our true desires, no matter how sincere we are about them.

What an anomaly! It is so paradoxical, in fact, that you could be forgiven for disbelieving this premise.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate

Carl Jung

But this is very real indeed. If you do not become conscious to this, you will not realise that you can create your life on purpose. You do not have to be at the mercy of other people or circumstances.

Self awareness is the key.

Unless you identify and transmute your uniquely personal unconscious patterns of behaviour, no number of stress-busting or sugar-coating strategies that you may have been sold will make a lasting difference.


Because all of us are ‘wounded’ in childhood. Our wounding caused us to set up structures in our consciousness that still survive through adulthood, even though they do not serve our true desires.

The simplest way to create the life you love, the outcomes you seek, the life that makes you want to pinch yourself to check that it is real, is to consciously choose it, to choose your heart.

When you choose your heart, your experience of life will transform.

Yet, although simple, this is not easy. In particular, we all have blindspots in our own consciousness. Often we do not see in ourselves that which is obvious to others.

If you do not choose, you are living by default, and it’s all too easy to lose connection with your heart’s true calling.

If you mean to live your destiny, which is your HIGHEST potential in life, you need a system to support that, teamed with appropriate guidance from a skilled coach/mentor.

You can learn to make a Conscious Choice.

I invite you to join the

Conscious Choice  Diamond ♦


Most of us rely on our thoughts and feelings to navigate our way through life. This can lead to struggle, conflict, self sabotage and lack of fulfilment.

Most ‘personal development’ programmes simply teach you to manage or even suppress your thoughts and feelings. This is NOT the answer! Life is meant to be in flow.

The solution is to tap into a higher level of consciousness, a higher perspective, led by the truth of your heart.

It’s one thing to have an intellectual understanding of ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’. It’s quite another to truly integrate and embody your insights and learnings for real lasting change in your world. To be in flow.

Are you ready to make some serious, lasting changes in your life, with the mutual support of an intimate group of like-minded women?



I invite you on a journey back home to love,

to liberate the true spirit of your heart in life, in work, in the world.


I invite you to have it all!

When you join the Diamond Programme, you’re ‘all in’. You’re making a stand for YOU.

You will receive training, coaching and support like nothing you have probably ever experienced before.

You will learn a deceptively simple, utterly effective way of tapping into the higher source of your inherent feminine power and creative spirit, through your intuition. When you use this, you’ll be amazed at the difference.

The deeper you’re prepared to go, the more profound the change.

And I’m with you every step of the way.

What do you get?

In a beautiful nourishing environment, with delicious healthy food and surrounded by nature, you will:

♦  put yourself first, without being ‘selfish’

♦  discover that you are a beautiful, powerful creator

♦  learn how to develop self mastery

♦  be empowered to step out as the true feminine leader you are

♦  gain clarity about your next steps

♦  a

♦  be connected with a supportive community of other women who are claiming their truth


In the Conscious Choice Diamond Programme you’ll experience the lushness of the melding of sustained group teaching, ongoing group support AND private coaching.

This is the structure:

♦  9-month programme

♦  Monthly weekend group retreats in the UK

♦  Twice-monthly private 1:1 coaching

♦  Monthly online ‘live’ interactive group webinars

♦  Online interactive group support 24/7

Diamond Programme: £999 per month

The next programme begins on 20th September 2019.

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