Does this describe you…..?

You’re successful (in the eyes of the world), and life is busy. You’re motivated and you still have a lot to offer. Yet something is missing.

What others don’t see is that you’ve compromised, made sacrifices, and lost yourself along the way. You’ve even had niggling conflicts with people who matter.

In truth, you’re at a threshold.

You realise that, deep down, you want change.  Nothing you’ve tried has brought you what your heart truly longs for. You want to evolve and create a better experience of life.

And yet you find yourself repeatedly facing experiences that are at odds with what you would choose.

You are not alone!

This is at the root of the human condition… we each have a unique personal unseen agenda (designed to keep us safe) that plays out unconsciously and actually thwarts our true desired outcomes, no matter how sincere we are about them.

When you become conscious to this, you will realise that you can create your life on purpose. You do not have to be at the mercy of other people or circumstances.

The Diamond Programme enables you to do exactly this.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate

Carl Jung

Self awareness is the key.

You may have been sold strategies by the self-help industry to bust your stress or sugar-coat your reality so you don’t feel so bad. For example, you might have been told to recite ‘positive affirmations’.

Some people rely on medication or even substance use (such as alcohol) to numb out. Some feel the need to be in control in order to survive. Others avoid reality by burying their heads in a mountain of work.

May I be real with you for a moment?

Using such strategies alone doesn’t work in the long term. They will not bring the lasting fulfilment and satisfaction that you yearn for.

It is human nature that our consciousness determines our experience of everything in life. Just as you have to look to the moon to understand the ocean’s tides, so you need to look to your consciousness to understand why you don’t always get the results you want.

Without such awareness, any self-help strategies are as ineffective as sticking plasters over a gaping wound.

The Diamond Programme enables you to develop your conscious awareness so you can transform your life.

I invite you to join the

Conscious Choice  Diamond ♦  Programme

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Most of us rely on our thoughts and feelings to navigate our way through life. This can lead to struggle, conflict, self sabotage and lack of fulfilment.

Most ‘personal development’ programmes teach you to manage or even suppress or deny your thoughts and feelings. I have found that the answer, instead, is to tap into a higher level of consciousness, led by the truth of your heart.

It’s important to integrate and embody your insights for real lasting change in your world. To be in flow.

To be in flow means to be truly and completely ‘you’. The best edition of you, creating a life you love, without struggle.

Are you ready to make positive, lasting, changes in your life, with the mutual support of an intimate group of like-minded women?

On the Diamond Programme you will learn how to rise above your thoughts and feelings in service to the creation of those things that truly matter to you.

I invite you to join the

Conscious Choice  Diamond ♦  Programme

Let's chat to see if this programme is suitable for you

Are you in your power?

Being in your power is not about pushing, fighting, driving or striving, forcing results at any cost.

Being in your power is about flourishing in your unique true nature, on purpose, and magnetising the results you seek.

The simplest way to create what you truly want, is to make a conscious choice.

When you choose your heart, your experience of life will transform.

The Diamond Programme will reveal how your own innate power is blocked, and how to unleash the full expression of your true nature, so that you can create what you love, what your heart longs for.



I invite you on a journey back home to love,

to liberate the true spirit of your heart in life, in work, in the world.


I invite you to have it all!

Having been a professional myself in a male-oriented industry for over 20 years, I understand the pressures on professional and executive women.

I began coaching in 2009 and am now a leading intuitive coach. I help professional and executive women rise by coming home to their true nature with love. In so doing, they can create what they truly want… naturally and with ease.

What do you get?

In a beautiful nourishing environment, with delicious healthy food and surrounded by nature, you will:

♦  discover and express your true self and create a life of meaning

♦  step up to self leadership and have deeply satisfying, natural feminine success, effortlessly

♦  learn to powerfully use your intuition (as distinct from ‘gut feeling’)

♦  gain clarity and certainty about your next steps

♦  transform your personal and professional relationships

♦  be connected with a supportive community of women, like you, claiming their truth

♦  feel fulfilled and ‘on purpose’, designing your life in a way you never dared believe possible!

…… and much more!

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In the Conscious Choice Diamond Programme you’ll experience the lushness of sustained group teaching, ongoing group support AND private coaching.

This is the structure:

♦  9-month programme

♦  Monthly weekend group retreats in the UK

♦  Twice-monthly private 1:1 coaching

♦  Monthly online ‘live’ interactive group webinars

♦  Online interactive group support 24/7

When you join the Diamond Programme, you’re ‘all in’. You’re making a stand for YOU.

You will receive training, coaching and support like nothing you have probably ever experienced before.

You will learn a deceptively simple, utterly effective way of tapping into the higher source of your natural, inherent feminine power and creative spirit, through your intuition. When you use this, you’ll be amazed at the difference.

The deeper you’re prepared to go, the more profound the change.

Are you ready to say ‘goodbye’ to frustration, anxiety, fear, dissatisfaction and regret?

… I’m with you every step of the way.

Let's chat to see if this programme is suitable for you

Diamond Programme: £999 per month

The next programme begins on 20th March 2020.

I had been working ever so hard on building my business, I had experienced a dramatic upheaval in my personal life just a few days before Christmas, everything seemed to be a struggle and I was exhausted.

I was drawn to Kim by her warmth, enthusiasm and passion. Kim was patient and understanding, and I felt safe during our sessions.

As Kim gently guided me through the process and revealed information from me that was deeply buried, I came to see clearly how I was unconsciously playing a major part in creating everything that was showing up for me in my life. After uncovering and acknowledging precisely how and why I was doing that, I learned how I could turn things around and create powerful results going forward.

Within days I achieved a specific end result I was going for in my business with ease, and my press release was published in the local Reporter newspaper! I was really over the moon.

I am so thankful and grateful, because I now have a deep level of self awareness that will enable me to avoid falling back into my old pattern of struggle, and I certainly recommend working with Kim.

Brittney Skeates, Associate, WIBN

I am changed! Thank you, I’ve had a life-changing weekend, and the tools to actually do it!

It was a valuable, amazing weekend, magical, intuitive, interactive, supportive, challenging, growth enhancing and inspiring. I definitely recommend Kim’s retreats. Although not always easy, I felt supported and empowered at all times. I have found my courage to do despite the fear.

Jane Iskander, Occupational Therapist

“Beforehand I was unsure of what I would achieve. But I gained a deeper understanding that there is so much going on in our subconscious minds that influences our lives and our reality that we are unaware of. Our assumptions, beliefs and perceptions are not the ‘truth’, but we live our lives as if they are.

This greater awareness will enable me to make more empowered choices, aligned with my truth, on a more frequent basis.

I do recommend this programme, it was well presented with lots of great sharing and interaction. A safe space was created by Kim, where everyone shared and contributed freely, which created a relaxed, sensitive and loving environment. I would place a greater value on it than the price I paid.”

Charanjit Vyrdee, Management Accountant

I thoroughly enjoyed and was powerfully served by the retreat. I was at a major transition in my life, so was experiencing fear and anxiety. I gained some really profound insights about myself that could really have sabotaged the things I really want to create.

I would definitely recommend the retreat. Set in beautiful surroundings, it is a powerful reminder of what we can create with self-awareness and making conscious choices in our life.

People need this.

Angela Mills, Lawyer and Business Owner

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