You are a powerful creator. It’s all in you!  Yet…. does it sometimes not feel like it?

You might feel that other people are not supporting you, or circumstances are getting in the way. You’ve lost your mojo and it may feel more like a struggle than a joy.

But that’s not the real underlying problem.

The deeper issue is that you’re feeling the discomfort of being disconnected from your heart and your true nature and purpose. 

When you follow the calling of your truth and your heart, I promise that you will have a completely different experience of life and work.

When you ARE connected to love, you’ll be ‘in flow’. You will rise into your true nature as a powerful feminine leader, which starts with you accepting responsibility for being the powerful leader of your own life.

The truth is that you have an inherent ability to influence what happens to you and to get your desired results effortlessly!

Most people don’t know how to tap into that inherent ability purposefully and consistently.

Private coaching with me will show you the real reasons why you’re not where you want to be, and bring you home to ‘love’ (check out my interview with Stephanie Bosch here for more).

You get private, personalized support. You are safe and free to express yourself, and you will become open to insights that will rock your world!

As you begin your journey of change, I hold space for you so that the beautiful version of you can rise strongly on the other side of the discomfort. Much like a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis.

You’ll learn to recognise old notions and patterns of behaviour that don’t serve your true purpose, and replace them with a new and highly effective paradigm for your life and work.

Coaching packages run for a minimum of 6 months for best results.

Sessions: twice a month by phone or Skype

Investment: £500 per month

“Working with Kim is worth every penny plus more.”


“Coaching with Kim is well worth the money and I would certainly recommend Kim to others who are going through a career transition” 


“My experience of coaching with Kim has been invaluable.  I have already recommended Kim to others.  Priceless.” 


“I have escaped from a vicious circle of burning the candle at both ends in order to comply with time limits, working sluggishly due to exhaustion, having to work even longer hours, and so on.   I would unhesitatingly recommend Kim to others, especially those who have difficult work issues to address.  I was most impressed by her commitment to helping me achieve my objectives, not seeking to impose on me her own ideas of what I might try to achieve” 




A 60-minute no-obligation session to experience what it’s like to work with me…


EITHER:  you tell me at the end of the session that you got no benefit and I’ll refund you, no quibble

OR:  Choose to invest in coaching and your £99 is credited against your first month’s payment


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